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Business name: OMERS družstvo výroby a služieb

Registered office:

  • Sládkovičova 887/1 (premises of HELADA - market place 6th floor - former OSP - TORUS)
  • Považská Bystrica 017 01
  • Slovakia


Phone No. /fax:

  • +42142 4320514.. 

The company was established in 1993 as a legal entity of production and service cooperative by associating of qualified revision technical staff. Its subject are revisions - technical revisions and tests of exceptional technical equipment and the related activities. The priority is to provide with complex services referring to this equipment - also with supervising over all terms in accordance with valid legal acts, the professional consultancy and the administration including.


Subject matter: Services concerning dedicated technical equipment:

  • reviews - technical revisions and test
  • repairs, maintanence, assembl
  • education, consultancy
  • production for order


  • electrical equipment and lightning conductor
  • pressure vessels, boiler-rooms
  • hoisting apparatus
  • gas appliances
  • motor lift trucks

Electrical equipment and lightning conductors:

  • revisions - technical revisions and tests
  • without any limits
  • assembly, repairs, electroinstallations, maintanance of electrical equipment
  • production of low voltage distributors (on order)
  • assembly of air technical equipment
  • repairs of electrical equipment for household
  • repairs of products and equipment of electronic produce
  • education, professional consultancy
  • providing for official certifications
  • providing for putting of imported equipment and machines into operation and certification and authorisation in accordance with valid legal acts

contact: Pavol Ješík

e-mail: jesik@mers.sk, elektro@omers.sk

phone no. +42142 4320514

fax: +42142 4260826

mobile: +4210905 659706

Motor lift trucks:

  • revisions - technical revisions and tests
  • repairs and maintanance of motor lift trucks
  • education in the sphere of motor lift trucks: basic, repeated courses for drivers of motor lifts trucks - all types, professional consultancy


contact: Ján Martinka

e-mail martinka@omers.sk

phone no: +42142 4320514

fax: +42142 4260826

mobile: +42142903 340521

Other services:

  • business service on the order (order delivery)
  • locksmithery
  • assembly of weather-strip of windows and doors
  • scaffolding technique - education, courses
  • education on technical equipment and health and safety at work and organisation of prequalified courses


References: complex / partial services on dedicated technical equipment

  • INA a.s. Kysucké Nové Mesto 
  • BONFIGLIOLI Slovakia a.s. Považská Bystrica
  • Slovenská autobusová doprava Prievidza a.s.
  • Slovenská autobusová doprava Zvolen a.s.
  • Slovenská autobusová doprava Trenčín a.s.
  • Slovenská autobusová doprava Liptovský Mikuláš  a.s.
  • RAVEN a.s. Považská Bystrica
  • ALVE Slovakia s. r. o. Púchov
  • ADP s.r.o. Púchov
  • D.K.C. s.r.o. Zvolen
  • BYDOS Nováky s.r.o.
  • IMC Slovakia s.r.o. Šebešťanová (Pov. Bystrica)
  • RADEMAKER Slovakia s.r.o. Šebešťanová (Pov. Bystrica)
  • KSK Slovakia Šebešťanová (Považská Bystrica)
  • SCANIA SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Bratislava
  • SLOVFRACHT SLOVAKIA a.s. Bratislava
  • Severoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť a.s. Žilina
  • Považská vodárenská spoločnosť a.s. Pov.Bystrica 
  • T D K Slovakia s.r.o. Pov.Bystrica
  • VIKO s.r.o. Pov.Teplá (Pov. Bystrica)
  • OJUS a.s. Pov. Bystrica
  • KOFOLA a.s. Rajecká Lesná 
  • DRB Slovakia s.r.o Pov. Bystrica
  • HANIL-E-HVE s.r.o. Dubnica n/V 
  • CAREFOUR a.s. Bratislava 
  • VAJMELS s.r.o. Pov. Bystrica 

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